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The City of Ferrysburg has several board and commission positions. Ferrysburg residents (contact City Hall for necessary requirements) who wish to be considered for appointment to one of these positions are invited to submit an Application for Appointment Form.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission focuses on land use issues, maintains a Land Use Plan, and reviews and recommends Zoning Ordinance regulations, changes, applications for zoning district changes, development plans, site plans, and special uses.
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Zoning Board of Appeals
The Zoning Board of Appeals is responsible for interpreting the Zoning Ordinance, and for reviewing and deciding requests for variances from the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance.
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Recreation Commission
The Recreation Commission advises the City Council regarding recreation programs and recreation facilities, and maintains a Parks and Recreation Plan which addresses community needs.
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Kitchel-Lindquist-Hartger Dunes Preserve Committee Board
The Kitchel-Lindquist Dunes Preserve Committee Board oversees the operation and maintenance of the 112-acre Dunes Preserve which is located on Grand Haven’s North Shore.
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Coast Guard Festival Committee
The Coast Guard Festival committee sponsors and administers the annual Coast Guard Festival.
North Ottawa Community Hospital Non-Profit Board/Authority Board
The North Ottawa Community Hospital Non-Profit Board oversees the operations of North Ottawa Community Hospital located in Grand Haven. The Authority Board oversees the payment of debt service on bonds issued for the hospital.
Spring Lake Lake Board
The Spring Lake Lake Board recommends projects to improve Spring Lake, and implements projects approved by the governmental units surrounding Spring Lake.
Beautification Commission
The Beautification Committee reviews potential City beautification projects and makes recommendations to the City Council.
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Board Of Review
The Board of Review reviews the annual property assessment rolls which are prepared by the City Assessor. The board hears appeals of property assessments filed by property owner during several days in March. The board also meets briefly in July and December to correct errors on the assessment rolls.
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Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority promotes the revitalization of environmentally distressed areas, to facilitate the implementation of Brownfield plans relating to the designation and treatment of Brownfield Redevelopment zones.
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Loutit District Library Trustee
The Loutit District Library Board oversees the operation and management of the Loutit District Library.
Youth Advisory Council
The purpose of the Youth Advisory Council is to (1) involve youth in the process of City government for their education and experience (2) foster in youth good citizenship, leadership and planning skills, and (3) to represent the concerns and interests of youth within the City.

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