Code Enforcer

Each week the City Code Enforcer drives around the City of Ferrysburg recording violations of the City’s ordinances. This entails personal contact (if possible), written documentation and digital photography. The Code Enforcer simultaneously investigates complaints generated by citizens.

Property owners in violation of an ordinance may receive a knock at their door or a courtesy (form) letter in the mail detailing the violation with a time-line for correction. If the property owner fails to remedy the violation, a Notice of Violation will be issued. Failure to pay the Notice of Violation and remedy the situation will result in a Civil Infraction being issued and forwarded to the 58th District Court, who will then issue a court date.

Residents may submit complaints to the Code Enforcer at any time, please understand that the process to remedy any given situation generally takes several weeks or longer. Not every complainant will receive a personal phone call or letter as a follow-up. If you have received a courtesy letter and need additional time to remedy the situation, please contact the Code Enforcer immediately: the City makes every attempt to ensure the property rights of both the complainant and the violator.