Invasive Species

Phragmites are invasive weeds that grow along the shoreline of lakes, rivers and wetlands.

They are a new invasive, but as we should know by now new invasive species do one of two things, either they survive and will dominate an area, or they do not survive and they become no problem. Unfortunately, phragmites fall into to the group that survives well and starts to dominate.

Invasive species dominate by starving and growing over the natural habitat plants.

Wetlands are very important environmentally and they are also very important economically. They help store flooding waters, they clean the water, and they provide habitat for wildlife.

When phragmites take over a near shore area, they strangle out all the natural plants that make the wetland work. The best way to get rid of phragmites, like most invasive species, is to treat early before they take over.

More Information on Phragmites can be found here


Phragmite Location Map | Courtesy of the West Michigan Land Conservancy