Council Vote Summary

Council Vote Summary

June 5, 2023


Approved as amended, the May 15, 2023, City Council meeting minutes.

Approved as amended, the Mayor’s Proclamation declaring Ferrysburg a Safe Child City and June 10, 2023 as Safe Child City Awareness Day.

 Work Session: Discussed Ferrysburg representation on the BLP.

Approved adopting Ordinance No. 328, an ordinance to amend the City Code by amending Chapter 154, Zoning, Section 9.20 Zone District Map.

Adopted Ordinance No. 329, an ordinance to amend the City Code , Chapter 154 Zoning, to amend Section 2.20 to include the definitions of personal and commercial storage suites and self-storage facility; to amend Section 4.80 to include special land use specific standards for personal and commercial storage suites and self-storage facilities.; to amend Section 9.110 to allow accessory dwelling units, personal and commercial storage suites, and self-storage facilities as special lands uses in the GC General Commerical zoning district; and to amend Section 9.120 to allow self-storage facilities and personal and commercial storage suites as special land uses in the Light Industrial LI-1 zoning district.

Approved a recommendation from the Recreation Commission to approve the site plan for City Hall.

Placed on the July 17 Council agenda for consideration to adopt a proposed resolution regarding leasing a portion of the premises at 17520 Ridge Avenue to The Gateway Church, which resolution shall remain on file with the City Clerk for not less than 15 days prior to consideration by the City Council and that a summary of the minutes of the June 5, 2023 meeting of the City Council be published in the Grand Haven Tribune.

Received a presentation from Council Member O’Donnell: Citizen Planner

Directed staff to draft a policy on City Events.

Reviewed 2023 City Council Goals.





Not Approved