Council Vote Summary

Council Vote Summary

June 3, 2024 


1.  Approved the May 20, 2024 City Council meeting minutes.

2.  John Kinch, Executive Director, of Michigan Energy Options, provided a presentation to City Council about the Community Energy Plan.

3.  Ellen Peters, Executive Director of the Loutit District Libarary, presented to City Council.

4.  Approved the City participating in the Board of Light and Power Green Energy Program.

5.  Tabled a resolution pledging the full fatih and credit of the City of Ferrysburg to the Spring Lake Special Assessment Lake Improvement Bonds.

6.  Approved a proposal from Moore & Bruggink for $53,000, City of Ferrysburg’s cost approximately$13,738 for a design and construction enigneering for the Tri-Cities Connector Path Repairs.

7.  Selected West MI Towable Solutions as the 2024 recipient of the Chamber Business Recognition Award.

8. Approved the Mayor’s Proclamation designating October 16, 2024, as Business Recognition Day.

9. Scheduled a work session as a regular agenda item on June 17, 2024.


Not Approved