Council Vote Summary

Council Vote Summary

October 3, 2022


Approved the September 19, 2022, City Council meeting minutes.

Approved Mayor Pro-Tem O’Donnell as the City’s voting delegate at the Municipal League Annual Meeting.

Scheduled Public Hearing for November 7th to consider improvements to the Lake Road and to Establish a Special Assessment District  to Fund the Project Costs.

Confirmed the City Manager’s appointment  of Amber Schaner as City Clerk/Treasurer, effective October 18, 2022.

 Approved waiving the residency requirement for City Clerk/Treasurer Amber Schaner.

Approved appointment of City Clerk Amber Schaner to the Election Commission.

Approved updating bank signatories, adding Amber Schaner and removing Rita Fowler-Bierman.

Approved a 4% increase for the City Manager’s salary for 2022-2023.


Not Approved

Did not approve a proposal from Progressive AE to conduct a traffic study on North Shore Drive, North Shore Estates Road, and North Shore Road.